Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Can you provide packaging material for cargo and shipping?

A.Yes, we can provide packaging material but that would be chargeable like Boxes, Sack Bag, Box charges will be £5.00 each box which can be easily made up to 25 to 30 kg. And Sack bag for shipping which will be £3.00 each which can easily make 25kg.

Q. If I give wrong information about parcel, or about collection address and receiver address. Then what will be happen?

A.Company check each parcel before send to Airline or before load to container. If any item found from the parcel or any information found wrong by the customer then the parcel will be hold and then penalty charge by the company and the penalty will be

Q. What about compensation lost or damage or missing items?

A.In case of any lost Parcel company will be paying £50.00. In case of missing or damage item company would not be pay anything.
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Our Services

Customs Clearance Services

Customs Clearance

Cargo Worldwide can deal with customs clearance of any complexity, whether you have full load sea freight container or a small air freight shipment from EU, China, India, Middle East or anywhere else in the world.

E-Commerce Services


Save time and money with Cargo Worldwide’s bespoke e-commerce shipping solutions. We offer cost-effective and powerful e-commerce shipping solutions by airfreight, sea freight and road freight.

Air Freight Services

Air Freight

Cargo Worldwide will facilitate you to smoothly trade between your partners around the world in a cost effective manner.

Sea Freight Services

Sea Freight

Sea Freight is the best method of transporting large volumes in a cost-effective way whilst saving natural resources. Realising the increased need for shipping services using Sea Freight, Cargo Worldwide can provide you cost-effective ways and smooth

Our Fleets Services

Our Fleets

At Cargo Worldwide, our fleet of delivery vehicles comprises of modern vans and trucks which are well-maintained and regularly serviced.

Road Freight Services

Road Freight

Cargo Worldwide possesses the capacity to arrange the delivery of your urgent shipment by road from the United Kingdom to any city in the Europe.

European Haulage Services

European Haulage

Cargo Worldwide is a European Haulage operator offering delivery services throughout the European Union including France, Ireland, Spain and Germany. 

Warehousing Services


At Cargo Worldwide, we’ve realised warehousing services are a proven way to help businesses grow sales and improve profits by enhancing service, reducing fixed costs and improving overall efficiency.


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