Bespoke and Stress-Free E-Commerce Shipping Solutions in London

Want to send 1000, 100 or just 20 parcels a day?

Save time and money with e-commerce shipping solutions from Cargo Worldwide. Whether you are an e-commerce start-up business, an established online merchant, wholesaler or a leading multi-channel retailer, the diverse range of shipping services from Cargo Worldwide can help.

How can Cargo Worldwide help you with E-commerce Shipping?

Cargo Worldwide offer cost-effective and powerful e-commerce shipping solutions by airfreight, sea freight and road freight.

  • We come to you. Our team will collect your goods whenever you’re ready to ship.
  • We ensure every item packaged in a made to measure box designed & printed for your business.
  • We can ship your items from London or the UK to anywhere in the world, using the best carriers at the cheapest rates.
  • Our order management system integration enables us to effectively send medium to high volumes of parcels for e-commerce merchants.
  • We’ll take the trouble out of sending parcels in a cost-effective manner which will provide an ideal shipping solution for both small online merchants and large multi-channel brands.

Our E-commerce Packaging Rules and Inspections

We follow stringent rules and regulations in our E-commerce packaging and labelling. This will help you as a seller to avoid any obligations regarding your account sanction in Amazon or eBay, fines, negative reviews or ratings.

FNSKU Labelling

Each and every product sold through Amazon should have a unique FNSKU Labelling so that your products can be tracked and you as a seller identified. We ensure all the products we ship has this label on it.

Additional Labelling

We'll check each package and ensure that it has included your company logo, safety labels, manufacturing and expiration dates to meet the customs requirements.

Poly Bag Packaging

We’ll ensure that each individual products are securely packed and sealed into a plastic bag or poly bag to ensure the safety of the products shipped

Bespoke Re-Packaging

We can do bespoke repackaging if you want your existing product package to be packed into a new package which is provided by you and according to your specifications.

Carton Re-boxing

We can offer to do the re-boxing of your existing cartons after safely removing all the items inside to Amazon compliant cartons to avoid any returns or complaints and to pass the stringent requirements.

Product Inspection

We need to ensure that the products/items shipped are not illegal. To be on the safe side, we open each containing package and inspect the items inside.

Why choose us?

  • We offer superior and hassle-free order fulfilment.
  • We can make your shipping stress-free.
  • We provide expert assistance to customers for both Amazon and eBay warehouses.
  • We help you to effectively sell and take your business online.
  • We have the ability to distribute to any E-commerce depot in the UK via parcel or pallet delivery.
  • We offer reliable and efficient service with competitive rates and a proven operation.
  • We can handle all your packing, labelling, palletising, re-packing,  pick and pack, specialist handling, stock management, security control and quality control.
  • We offer one of the most cost-effective parcel shipping solutions for small online merchants, wholesalers and brands.
  • We have free daily pick up/collection of your goods.
  • Our UK-based customer services team offer proactive smart notifications for your shipping and parcel delivery.
  • We have our own fleet of reliable vehicles available to deliver your goods to customers nationwide at affordable rates.
  • Our commercial transport vehicles are available within 24 hours’ notice.

Do you have an urgent e-commerce requirement? Give us a call on 020 8477 4580 today!

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